What To Do After Being Charged With A DUI Or DWI

No matter where you live, drinking while intoxicated is a major offense and something that should not be taken lightly. The terminology can vary from state to state, but in most areas, if you are caught driving after drinking, you will be charged with either "driving under the influence" (DUI) or with "driving while intoxicated" (DWI). Whether it's a DUI or a DWI that you are charged with, be prepared for it to have a major impact on your life. Read More 

Don’t Succumb To Someone’s Requests For Your Prescription Medication

Those who struggle with drug addiction will often use a variety of means to get prescription medication. Some people will buy the drugs from street dealers, others will steal them from residents, and others will come up with excuses in order to have people they know give them the drugs. If you have a prescription for any type of drug, it's possible that someone you know—perhaps a family member or a friend—will try to obtain the drugs from you. Read More 

Three Ways To Attack The Legality Of An Arrest Made Based On Anonymous Tips

Police can and do use anonymous tips to arrest people for criminal activity, and the Supreme Court showed support for this behavior via rulings on several relevant cases. While it's acceptable for cops to make arrests based on information from secret sources, that doesn't automatically make those arrests valid or any evidence obtained as a result admissible in court. Here are three ways to challenge the use of anonymous tips in your case that may result in a positive outcome for you. Read More 

Why A Bail Bondsman Is More Useful Than You Think

Knowing that there's someone who can post money for your release if you get in trouble with the law is a good thing in its own right, but a bail bonds services provider can be more of a resource that you might expect. They have a financial stake in you appearing for each hearing, and that means they're often more motivated than even your attorney might be to see that the process goes smoothly. Read More