Don’t Succumb To Someone’s Requests For Your Prescription Medication

Those who struggle with drug addiction will often use a variety of means to get prescription medication. Some people will buy the drugs from street dealers, others will steal them from residents, and others will come up with excuses in order to have people they know give them the drugs. If you have a prescription for any type of drug, it's possible that someone you know—perhaps a family member or a friend—will try to obtain the drugs from you. This person may use a variety of excuses and requests in an effort to get the drugs, but you cannot give in. Giving someone prescription medication can lead to a drug-related criminal charge for you. Here are some excuses that you might hear.

The Person Lost His/Her Prescription

An addict may tell you that he or she lost his or her prescription and thus wonders if you could give them some of yours. This request might seem innocent enough, and it's something that you could consider if the person were asking for a cough drop or an over-the-counter pain pill. However, when the person is asking for prescription medication, you definitely cannot afford to hand over even one of your pills. When someone presents this point to you, you need to respond by encouraging the person to visit the pharmacy for his or her own drugs.

The Person Forgot To Take His/Her Meds

People who take prescription medication can sometimes forget to take a dosage when it's required, and this can lead to various issues. It's possible that you'll encounter someone you know asking for one of your pills based on this scenario. For example, perhaps a friend is over and knows that you have a prescription to a painkiller. He or she might casually say, "Oh, I just realized that I didn't take my painkiller before I came over here, and now I'm starting to feel it. Would you mind if I grabbed one of yours?" This can be another ruse to make you give away your prescription medication, and falling for it can leave you facing a drug charge.

The Person Is Going Into Withdrawal

While the above scenarios may have the person attempting to mask his or her addiction, there can be other times that an individual is more forward. For example, if you know about someone who is battling an addiction, he or she could ask for your pain medication as a means to avoid withdrawal. This person may attempt to make you feel guilty, perhaps saying that you're complicit in the person's pain if you don't give over a pill. It's important to remember that you need to stay firm in your effort to avoid breaking the law. Should you make a mistake and end up getting charged, hire a criminal defense attorney promptly.