Can You Face Criminal Penalties Beyond Prison And Fines?

When people talk with a criminal defense lawyer about cases against them, they often focus on concerns about jail time and fines. However, defendants should understand that criminal penalties can extend far beyond sitting in a cell, doing community service, and forking over some money. A criminal defense law group will encourage its clients to appreciate these other potential forms of punishment. Offender Registration One of the more onerous penalties is a registration requirement. Read More 

3 Ways To Get Drug Possession Charges Dropped Or Reduced

Are you facing criminal charges for possession of drugs? Were they found in your home, on your person, or maybe even in your car?  Drug possession charges can be serious depending on the number of drugs found and the type of drugs. You could be facing probation, fines, and even significant jail time. The good news is that just because you're facing charges doesn't mean you'll be convicted. In fact, it's possible the prosecution could drop or reduce the charges. Read More 

Planning To Plead Guilty: 3 Ways A Criminal Justice Attorney Can Still Help

Depending upon the facts in your case, choosing to plead guilty could ultimately end up being in your best interest. Not only will this minimize your legal fees, but it can also put you in a better negotiating position with the prosecutor. Unfortunately, many people who choose to plead guilty decide not to hire a criminal justice attorney because they do not plan to fight the charges in court. This is a mistake. Read More 

Available Defenses To Assault And Battery Charges

Criminal defense attorneys serve a critical role in the justice system. Usually, criminal defendants are presumed innocent by law until proven guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction. Thus, defendants are entitled to a fair trial process and have the option of selecting a legal representative to protect their interests. Criminal defense attorneys understand the legal procedures involved at trial and thus, are best placed to represent clients and help them gain favorable outcomes. Read More