Plan To Dispute Your Traffic Ticket? This Is What You Might Need To Prove

When you get your very first traffic ticket, you may be eager to appear in court in order to dispute it and avoid paying the fees involved. This can be a wise decision, particularly if you're facing points on your license. However, if you do want to go to court and make a case for yourself, it's important to be prepared. That means that you need to have some idea of what the court will ask you to prove before the judge dismisses your case. Keep reading to learn about what you might need to prove about your situation.

Showing the Court that Police Officer Didn't Have All the Information

If you were given a citation for reckless driving, it's likely because the police officer only observed part of the situation you were dealing with on the day of your interaction. For example, swerving into another lane could have been done because another driver was acting erratically. A driver in front of you might have hastily applied their own brakes, causing you to swerve in an exaggerated manner into another lane. While police officers are generally expected to assess an entire situation before issuing a citation, it's possible that the officer couldn't see what you saw. The judge overseeing the case might agree with you that the officer can't accurately say why you made the actions you did; they could end up dismissing your case if you have a solid defense.

Proving the Police Officer Could Not See Your Actions

If the officer stopped you but you suspect that they didn't have a clear view of the proceedings, that could be a defense you might want to try. For instance, if you think that a tree, car or another object blocked their view, you can present pictures of the scene to show the judge that the officer couldn't possibly see what you were doing. Backing up your case with witnesses and pictures could help you.

Sharing Medical Documents that Show You Were Dealing with an Emergency

If you were in the car with a woman in active labor or had another medical issue that caused you to ignore a stop sign or a red light, you might be able to get out of your ticket. If you plan to attempt this defense, however, be sure that you come to court with documentation from a physician or hospital.

When you're able to prepare properly for your day in traffic court, you can provide the judge with all the information necessary to prove your case. For even more help, consulting a local lawyer with experience in traffic ticket cases can be beneficial; their help can be invaluable.