Proving You Were Not Involved in a Robbery

If you were recently arrested and accused of robbing a local store, and you were nowhere near this location at the time a theft had occurred, it will be necessary to plead your case in front of a judge and jury to prove your innocence. Your attorney will work hard in your behalf to show you were not the person who had not committed this crime. There are however, some steps you can take to assist them with this endeavor. Here are some tips you can use to provide evidence that you were not involved in a robbery.

Gather Witnesses To Speak In Your Behalf

If you were in a public location at the time the robbery occurred, someone may be able to verify your presence in another spot. If you were driving, think back as to which vehicles you had seen during your trip. If you were at home, a neighbor may have seen you go outside during this time. Surveillance video may also be available to show that you were at another establishment during the time of the robbery. Your attorney will help you obtain necessary footage and will assist in tracking down people who may have seen you.

Show Receipts To Prove Innocence

If you were out and about at the time the robbery had happened, there is likely to be information available to help in showing your whereabouts. If you stopped at an ATM machine, a record of your transaction can be obtained. If you purchased anything during the time of the robbery, there will be a receipt available with a time stamp showing you were not near the robbed store. A GPS system can show your vehicle was in a different area at the time of the robbery. Cell phone records can also show which cell tower you were near at the time you made a call or sent a text. Your attorney will help you obtain records to bring to the courtroom.

Agree To Be Questioned Via A Detector Test

If you were not involved in the robbery, you will have no qualms about taking a lie detector test. Since you were not in the vicinity of the store at the time the robbery occurred, you will not have any information pertaining to the incident, making it extremely likely you will pass the test with flying colors. Agree to take this test to clear your name from any wrongdoing.

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