Why Drug Lab Test Results Don’t Always Equal A Conviction: What You Should Know

How accurate were the tests done in your drug case? More and more defendants—both past and present—are questioning what goes on in police drug labs around the country. If you have a pending drug case, this is something you should know. New Jersey Changes Its Standards New Jersey's crime labs have made a change in the way drug testing is done in the wake of a scandal in which lab tech fabricated a positive result in a marijuana case—casting doubt on as many as 14,800 other convictions in which that lab tech was involved. Read More 

Three Things You Should Know About Talking With The Police

If you are pulled over or approached by the police in regards to a criminal matter, you need to know how to talk to the police in order to protect yourself and your interests. Here are three things you should know and keep in mind when talking to the police in these cases. #1 Always Give Your Legal Name When the police ask you for your name, do not give the police your nick-name. Read More